Tim Nicolle

Our “social score” app is now available from the Google play store, although it can only be used by invitation. The factory social score goes live.

Earlier today, the first factory workers started to use the app to provide real-time and anonymous feedback on their workplace. The app is designed for continuous use and received a good reception from a large workforce – keen to provide feedback and to have their voice heard. Many thanks to the team at Climax Garb in Bangladesh for their input, support and trust. Click here to see their website and to find out more about their business. With the factory social score now live, they are in a position to understand their workers much better, and to share this data with international clients to support their ESG compliance and to win more business at better prices.

As data points build, we will be able to generate a standardised social score for the workplace that can be compared domestically, internationally and across industry. Moreover, it can be published and used with international buyers, and even made available to consumers in shops and online – answering for the first time “who made my clothes?”.

And it’s not just one number. Detailed diagnostic information sits behind the score that the factory owner and his international customers can drill into to understand worker views and conditions from day-to-day.

For the first time, international buyers can see when their actions (a cancelled order, a delayed shipment, a rush job, a delayed payment) cascade into outcomes for the workers on the ground.

And for the first time, the factory owner knows that the ESG relationship with international customers is fully transparent and not based upon the chance outcomes of annual audits involving just a few of workers pulled at random from the hundreds of workers he or she employs.

And moreover, by creating a standardised social score that can be shared directly with consumers in the shop, factories with strong workforces that take compliance seriously will be able to communicate that directly to the people who buy their products.

This is the start of a revolution in the way the workers, factories, buyers and consumers interact – allowing factories with strong social scores finally to obtain better prices for their products as consumers are given the data to make informed decisions for themselves.

Find us on the google play store and if you would like your workplace to benefit from the transparency that our worker app delivers – please get in touch (click here to contact us).

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