Tim Nicolle

The launch of the PrimaDollar social score gets huge publicity and has resulted in many articles and comments in the news across Bangladesh, welcoming this initiative to support the Made in Bangladesh vision and how the Bangladeshi apparel is perceived internationally.

Worker voice

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Here are just some of the examples of the media publicity across Bangladesh in the last few weeks, including:

  • announcement of the MoU with Robi Axiata to support the rollout of the social score
  • first factories signing up to the factory social score system
  • announcement and analysis of the cooperation agreement with The Merchant Bay Limited to make the social score available to the 700 factories already on the Merchant Bay portal (click here to visit the Merchant Bay portal).

Now that the first factories live, the social score is here – and a revolution in transparency on worker conditions across Bangladesh and other countries has started.

And this is very important. As many of us close to the industry know, huge investments have been made in compliance, worker conditions, and to support ESG initiatives of clients. Whilst there is a lot of work to be done, it’s clear that the enormous efforts are not yet being recognised and measured internationally. The social score showcases these efforts via third party data – actionable, measurable, comparable data. It is already being supported by major international retailers and brands, and the adoption of the social score across Bangladesh will give the Made in Bangladesh vision a real chance of succeeding.



For some factory owners, the level of monitoring, audits and compliance overheads is already too high – and another system is something that they will only embrace once buyers start to demand it. But for many in the market, they can see immediately how real-time, continuous, and background monitoring of worker treatment can help to manage compliance risks much better, and deliver transparency to buyers – and the finally deliver higher prices for products that are made in a proper and compliant manner.

And Bangladesh is leading the way. The social score gets huge publicity – and the worker voice app will transform how the Made In Bangladesh Vision is realised across the industry and the country.



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