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Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Limited

The company was founded in 1983 and is one of the leading pipes and tubes manufacturing company in the stainless steel and carbon steel industry. Ratnamani Metals has now implemented PrimaDollar’s worker voice app and social score system.

Congratulations and thanks to the promoter and the entire senior management of Ratnamani Metals for taking this step. Along with leading manufacturers across India, they have understood how important it is to deliver authentic and transparent data on how workers are treated across their locations.

The worker voice app went live on the 17th and 18th of February 2022 at two units of Ratnamani (Chhatral and Indrad). The HR team uploaded a file of worker details enabling workers across the company to provide their views. Workers started to download the worker voice app from the Play Store.

A digital launch followed at Gandhidham (one of the main production sites of the Ratnamani group with 1400 employees), managed remotely by the corporate office of Ratnamani in Ahmedabad.

Within a few days, the promoter, senior management, and HR team at Ratnamani will go live with their own internal dashboards, giving them real-time insights into their workplace conditions. As with most companies, our data is likely just to be confirming the performance of their workplaces, since Ranamani already has strong policies and procedures in place. The main use of the system will be realised after 6 to 8 weeks of live operation, when enough data has been built up for the statistical models to operate. Then a social score and supporting diagnostic dashboards become available that can be shared directly with Ranamani’s customers, both onshore and offshore.

The PrimaDollar worker voice technology has started to attract companies from diversified sectors and industries across India. Offshore customers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate to their own consumers and to lawmakers and regulators that they have adequate oversight of labour conditions in their supply chains. Onshore Indian companies at the top of their own supply chains are also now starting to become active in this area as new laws and regulations come into operation in India itself.

And Indian suppliers are responding by implementing PrimaDollar’s simple, low-cost and authentic technology solution based on the worker voice. This delivers real-time, actionable ESG data via the social score, based on responses that workers directly provide on a continuous basis.

About PrimaDollar in India:

PrimaDollar provides the leading worker voice data collection system which is used to generate social scores on workplaces. Social scores are simple, authentic, comparable, and standardised measures of workplace compliance with the social contract –a key part of “ESG”. For more about ESG, click here. For more about the social score system, click here.

Across India, our worker voice app now supports most of the regional languages with new languages being added every week. There have been successful launches already at factories situated in northern and western parts of India and our first clients will go live in in South India next week. We are covering the diversified cultural landscape of India and it is so exciting to see factories across cultures realize the global importance of real time reporting in social and governance matters.

About Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Limited:

Over the span of nearly 4 decades, Ratnamani has grown to become a multi-location, multi-product company providing critical tubing and piping solutions to diverse range of industries & niche markets in core sectors Viz., Oil & Gas, Refinery & Petrochemical, Dairy, Chemical & Fertilizer, Thermal, Solar & Nuclear Power, LNG, Desalination, Defence, Aerospace, Chillers & Cooling system, Pulp & Paper Industry, Automobile etc. Ratnamani has an impressive clientele comprising of major public, private and joint sector companies across the globe, who are leaders in their respective segments with around 60% of production going for export. For more about Ratnamani, see their website here.

Special thanks to the promoters and senior business directors of Ratnamani Metals and Tubes for their support and sponsorship of the social score system: Mr. Prakash M Sanghvi, Mr. Jayanti M Sanghvi, Mr. Shanti M Sanghvi, Mr. Manoj P Sanghvi, Mr. Prashant J Sanghvi, Mr. P H Bhat, Mr. Jayesh Saluja.

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