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PrimaDollar provides trade finance to importers and exporters around the world. Our clients have asked us to create a library of short articles to help them understand trade finance.

PrimaDollar’s one minute guides to trade finance loans really can be read in one minute.Here are the guides: Click here!

Suppliers, buyers, importers, exporters, local banks, traders and buying houses all use our services.

Like all financial specialties, trade finance has its own vocabulary and mystical processes which are hard for non-experts to deal with.

Whatever you need to know: incoterms, shipping documents, letters of credit, buyer credit risk, export finance, import finance – we are covering each of them in one minute.

Log into our site, comment on our guides – let us know what else you want us to write about.

We will be adding more one minute guides every month.

PrimaDollar – ship now, pay later.

A simple way to manage the financing of import and export business around the world.

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