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Our calculator has been made simpler, clearer and easier to use.

Please see the calculator: here.

What is it for?

Exporters and importers can use our calculator to find out the cost of trade finance from PrimaDollar.

How do I use it?

The calculator is simple:

Step 1: Set your monthly shipment volume

Step 2: Set the number of days credit for the buyer after shipment

Step 3: Pick the currency of the buyer invoice

Then you see the percentage charge on the invoice, and also the cost shown in US Dollars.

There are no other charges provided the buyer pays on the expected date.

Where is the catch?

There is no catch.

Our pricing is simple, honest and our product complies with Islamic financing principles.

There are no commitment fees, limit fees, document fees, bank or courier charges – one simple service, one simple price.

What is the service you provide?

We pay the exporter when we see his shipping documents.

The buyer pays later, and we take the buyer credit risk.

Our charge is deducted from the buyer payment.

What do you mean “monthly shipped volume”?

Monthly shipped volume means that amount that is shipped in a typical month when you make a shipment.

Buyers and their exporting suppliers often agree complicated arrangements. There can be a whole season of purchase orders, which end up as 100s of invoices and 10s of shipments. So how does this get priced? Just take the typical amount that you ship in a given month – and that is the number to use for monthly shipped volume (regardless of the number of invoices and number of shipments).

Of course, sometimes there are just a few shipments a year. So this “monthly shipped volume” would be the value of one typical shipment.

Why are there four prices?

We know that some buyers are very good credits and they negotiate good prices on tight margins. These top quality buyers are an A+ pricing.

But there are also buyers located in more difficult countries – and who may not be top quality credits. They would be somewhere between A and C.

When we work with a buyer or an exporter, we agree the quality of the trades with them. Once that is established, trades can be priced easily.

If you are new to us – then you need to call us to discuss your buyers so we can grade them and let you know how we rate them for pricing.

It is very simple – and it costs nothing to get a limit from us on a buyer and to agree with us what grade the buyer can be priced at.

What if I need a letter of credit?

You can add a letter of credit to any transaction. Use the second calculator at the bottom of the page.

You can choose either a Barclays LC or a PrimaDollar LC. They do the same thing – but it is always cheaper to take the guarantee directly from us if this can work for you and your bankers.

We have arrangements already in place with several banks in South Asia to accept PrimaDollar LCs.

What do I do next?

If you like our pricing, please get in touch.

If you don’t like our pricing, we also want to know.

You can reach us easily by clicking on our “office connect” page to find your local office:

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