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PrimaDollar announcement
London, September 5th 2019

  • New lower pricing for exporters
  • A commitment of US$250m to Asian exporting markets

Use our updated pricing calculator and compare our rates: click here -> calculator.

With trade friction globally on the increase, exporters need low cost liquidity to power their growth going forward. Our new rates are as low as 5% per annum and we give you our price promise – no hidden fees and charges.

As banks find it more and more difficult to finance export volumes, PrimaDollar is stepping into the gap. PrimaDollar has recently closed new multi-million US dollar funding rounds with major international investors that allow price advantages to be passed direct into the Asian exporting markets.

Tim Nicolle, Group CEO PrimaDollar, said “These new lower rates will make a big difference to exporters. They are facing a continuing challenge which is to finance their growth whilst receiving only limited support from the banking sector. Global fintech platforms like PrimaDollar are stepping into the gap with low cost export finance solutions. At a time when Brexit and trade wars are changing the landscape, this is good news for our exporting clients. As a British-based fintech, we are thriving and continuing to help the world to trade.”

What does this mean for exporters?

The new rates make even more sense for exporters to start working on “open account” and with “deferred payment”. Open account and deferred payment mean that your buyer does not provide a letter of credit or down payment. You ship first, and the buyer pays later. PrimaDollar makes it work with our simple, low cost trade finance:

  • When you ship your goods, we pay you in cash
  • Your buyer can pay later, and
  • We take the buyer credit risk

Our trade finance is as simple as it gets, is easy to use and we only charge one fee provided the buyer pays on time. There are no tie ins, arrangement fees, document fees, commitment fees, minimum utilisations or limit fees. Use us when you need to.

About PrimaDollar

PrimaDollar is a leading global export finance company and fintech based in the UK with 12 offices around the world, supporting clients in over 30 countries. We are scaling quickly with market-leading and simple solutions to the real world challenges that exporters face.

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