Crescent: Another export finance fraud?

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

News is breaking in Bangladesh of a US$90m fraud involving a government-owned bank (Janata) and a local exporter (Crescent Group).

Fraud risks have to be assessed and managed with great diligence and care. Making a poor credit decision can hurt, but fraud can be fatal to a bank, exporter

Whack a mole: regulating garment supply chains

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Employment conditions in global supply chains and ethical sourcing strategies are big news. Yet the more we try to squeeze out undesirable or unfair working practices – sometimes the worse we make the problem. Long term regulation is not the right answer.

On the one hand, this is a

Bangladeshi bank turns trade finance upside-down

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Bangladeshi exporters have been held back over the years by their reliance on the letter of credit.

First Security Islami Bank Limited has announced a new export finance product "Tasdir” that works without LC. Tasdir is powered by 

PrimaDollar: HeimTextil, Frankfurt Jan 9-12 2018

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

PrimaDollar's team will be at the HeimTextil trade fair in Frankfurt from January 9th to January 12th 2018.

Click here for more details on the trade fair.

If you

Fraud in the garment supply chain

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Fraud can catch you out in so many ways, and the fraudsters are getting smarter.

"Y&X" is a fraud of around Tk6,000,000,000 (just over US$70m). Around 20+ garment factories in Bangladesh have seemingly been stung for this amount by UK and Chinese criminals working in coordination.

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