Lower charges for trade finance

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Export Trade Finance

PrimaDollar’s pricing calculator has been updated with lower charges for many trades. Click here to go to our online

Crescent: Another export finance fraud?

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

News is breaking in Bangladesh of a US$90m fraud involving a government-owned bank (Janata) and a local exporter (Crescent Group).

Fraud risks have to be assessed and managed with great diligence and care. Making a poor credit

Trade Finance Article Supply Chain Finance Where supply chain finance and trade finance meet

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Business Trade Finance

Many of our exporter clients are poorly-served by supply chain finance programs implemented by their buyers. This short article explains:

  • how

PrimaDollar and Agrani Bank

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

PrimaDollar and Agrani Bank Limited (ABL) have agreed to cooperate in the provision of international trade finance services to exporters across Bangladesh.

A joint venture agreement was signed in this regard by the Managing

PrimaDollar adds US$100m of financial firepower

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

For immediate release

26 June 2018



First securitisation for PrimaDollar

PrimaDollar announces the closing of a new revolving credit facility arranged and structured by NIBC

Whack a mole: regulating garment supply chains

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Employment conditions in global supply chains and ethical sourcing strategies are big news. Yet the more we try to squeeze out undesirable or unfair working practices – sometimes the worse we make the problem. Long term regulation is not the right answer.

Bangladeshi bank turns trade finance upside-down

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Bangladeshi exporters have been held back over the years by their reliance on the letter of credit.

First Security Islami Bank Limited has announced a new export finance product "Tasdir” that works without LC. Tasdir is

Taming the risks in trade finance

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

The most efficient trade finance models allocate the risks to the parties best placed to manage them.

PrimaDollar’s trade finance solutions

PrimaDollar joins FCI

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

PrimaDollar is proud to join FCI, the voice of the global open account receivables finance industry.


FCI’s membership provides receivables-financing services globally in excess of €2.5 trillion per

Trading places -Guy Willans moves to PrimaDollar

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

PrimaDollar is delighted to announce the appointment of Guy Willans as Chief Operating Officer of PrimaDollar Group.

Guy has joined PrimaDollar from TradeRiver (UK) Ltd, another UK trade finance fintech. As an experienced chief

Exporting SMEs are losing out

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Emerging market SMEs are losing out in the fight for business within the global value chain because of unequal access to finance.

Trade finance companies like PrimaDollar offer

Islamic trade finance

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Tim Nicolle will be speaking at the FCI Islamic Factoring Conference in Dubai on February 21st 2018, at the invitation of FCI.

PrimaDollar offers Shari'a compliant trade finance solutions. All of our products

PrimaDollar: HeimTextil, Frankfurt Jan 9-12 2018

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

PrimaDollar's team will be at the HeimTextil trade fair in Frankfurt from January 9th to January 12th 2018.

Click here for

Primadollar transactions in absence of factoring

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

The cost of finance drives buyer and seller decisions in international trade. New solutions are sorting out ancient problems in this area.

In international trade, both buyers and sellers are concerned with the completion of

Fraud in the garment supply chain

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Fraud can catch you out in so many ways, and the fraudsters are getting smarter.

"Y&X" is a fraud of around Tk6,000,000,000 (just over US$70m). Around 20+ garment factories in Bangladesh have seemingly been stung

PrimaDollar and FSIBL sign JV agreement

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

PrimaDollar and First Security Islami Bank Limited (FSIBL) have agreed to cooperate in the provision of international trade finance services to export customers of FISBL. Historically, local banks in Bangladesh have found it difficult to offer discounting of open account

Sourcing from Bangladesh: how to get it right

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Bangladesh exports around US$28bn of garments per year (2016). Whilst it is the second largest garment exporter in the world, it is a long way behind China (approximately US$180bn per year, 2016).

This is our guide to sourcing

UK's PrimaDollar offers funds to apparel makers

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

This article was originally published in print and on line by The Daily Star, the leading English language newspaper in Bangladesh.

Garment factories, especially the small and medium-sized units, which are facing a financial

Trade finance or international factoring?

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Export Factoring

PrimaDollar is a trade finance company.

This post covers the differences between trade finance and international factoring,

Letters of credit: what happens if it is discrepant?

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Letters of credit provide a useful way to manage international trade – see our guide to LCs here.

Letters of credit (“LCs”) often do not work out as planned, and this is usually because the documents provided

Letters of credit: when and how to use them

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

International trade has been supported for many years by letters of credit. Here is a simple guide to the letter of credit – how they work – and when they should be used. A letter of credit (“LC”) is a complicated financial instrument. There are

Easing cost of international trade transactions

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Originally published here (The Financial Express).

International Trade

In international trade, various modes of payment are being used

Letters of credit and garment exports

30 November,2018 | Tim Nicolle

Originally published here (The Financial Express).

Letter of credit, as a system to protect the interests of the exporter

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