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The PrimaDollar India team proudly announces the first factory in India goes live with the social score system, DNS Fine Chemicals Limited.

This is part of the ESG framework – standing for Environmental, Social and Governance. The social score system helps workplaces (factories and fields) to demonstrate their compliance with social and governance matters – the “S” and “G” of ESG. See more about our worker voice app here.

Worker voice

Moreover, all the way through the supply chain, Indian companies are being required to comply with international standards on ESG – so this point applies both domestically and internationally – and for both Indian suppliers and Indian buyers. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted recently, India’s role as a global engine of growth has to be founded on its ESG credentials (click to see the story in The Business Standard).

DNS Chemicals is an advanced manufacturer of speciality chemicals used as ingredients and additives in food, animal feeds and pharmaceutical industries – amongst others. The main factory is located just outside Mumbai and the worker community generally speaks Hindi or Marathi – languages natively supported in our worker app.

Our worker app is now available to their workforce, allowing them to give anonymous, real-time and continuous feedback on their conditions. We are very grateful to the senior management and promoters of the company for their support and for allowing their workers to adopt the app. Over the next few weeks, responses will build into our database as workers use the app – and are also rewarded for their participation. Once we have a acquired few weeks’ history, we will be able to provide the factory owners with their own dashboard, providing them with continuous insights into their workplace conditions as evaluated by their workforce.

January will be a busy month for the PrimaDollar teams as the rollout starts. Across South Asia, we have a queue of factories now waiting to implement the worker app. This includes factories in the automotive supply chain, in pharma, in metals / engineering and, of course in textiles and garments.

Across India, we have implementations set up now in every region of the country and in further languages – Tamil and Gujarati. Our app goes on the mobile phones of workers, and can support all the preferred languages which typically dominate the workplaces of the Indian landscape.

India goes live with the social score system and joins factories in other south Asian countries which are now reporting in real-time on social and governance matters.



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