One minute guide. Who is PrimaDollar? PrimaDollar is a UK-based trade finance platform working with exporters

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Ship now, pay later

One minute guide. What is it? This phrase describes how many buyers would like to source goods. They would like the exporter

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Verification letters

One minute guide. What is a verification letter? A verification letter is a short letter referring to one or more commercial

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Sell it before you pay for it

One minute guide. What does it refer to? Sounds like a great idea. But it may not be very smart. "Sell

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Import finance: accounting

One minute guide. What is the main question? When trade finance or supply chain finance is employed, buyers need to pay attention

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Export supply chain finance

One minute guide. What is it? Supply chain finance (or SCF) refers to a funding program implemented by a buyer to provide early

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First dollars, second dollars

One minute guide. What are first and second dollars? Exporters, like any business, have different sources of finance at different

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PrimaDollar calculator

One minute guide. What is it? Our clients want to know what our service costs. We provide a simple product at a simple price.

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PrimaDollar credentials

One minute guide. Reliable, timely, simple We offer a simple trade finance product. We pay the exporter at shipment and the

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