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Across many businesses, ESG has a marketing problem. Consumers, shareholders, investors, stakeholders are not aware of, or do believe that ESG compliance issues are being tackled and, to some extent, actually fixed. The worker voice app is important for ESG because it solves this communication issue for social and governance compliance. It delivers actionable, believable and concrete data to prove how social and governance issues are being addressed.

Business owners know that they worked very hard and spent a lot of money upgrading working conditions, complying with new laws, regulations and implementing periodic audits and generally tightening up how supply chains and workplaces are operating – their own and their supply chains. This has already led to significant improvements in the daily lives of millions of workers. But actual consumers (people in shops and online that buy products) are largely unaware of the progress that has been made, and still commonly believe that conditions are poor. Many investors and shareholders are also unaware – and getting frustrated by the lack of truly independent and actionable data on ESG. This is a shared problem across all layers of industry, across all geographies, and across many manufacturing and service industries. The importance of the worker voice app in addressing this ESG issue cannot be underestimated.

We have solved this issue for the “S” and “G” of ESG. This is our worker app and the social score.

How the worker voice app is important for ESG

We have developed an app which goes on the mobile phones of workers. This is an invitation-only app, access is controlled by the employer, typically operating a business based on a factory or a field. For workers who do not have smart phones, they have access to the app via one or more tabs on site, and for workers who cannot read, the app includes a “read out loud” feature so that they can respond. As technology and social settings continue to improve, the percentage of workers that do not have smart phones continues to decline rapidly.

We incentivise workers to participate by rewarding them for their involvement. This is a common courtesy and something that is widely supported by business owners. This also means that the app remains in place and enables continuous, anonymous and real-time feedback on worker conditions across all aspects of the workplace. The app is very simple and takes a minute to operate; workers might be expected to respond once or twice per week. There is a large panel of topics and workers see a set number of topics at random each time they access the app. This allows us to get a wide picture of worker conditions without troubling the workers unduly.

Worker voice

To read more about the worker app, see our one minute guide: here.

What is the social score?

Worker voice app is important for ESG. Based upon the worker responses via the worker voice app, we create a social score. This measures worker conditions and it is standard and comparable across industries and geographies; it is continuous and real-time.

It is more than just one number

The worker app collects responses across a large panel of topics on a continuous basis. We obtain many 1000s of datapoints on an individual workplace.

This means that we have a large amount of diagnostic information that allows the social score to be investigated in order to understand where strengths and weaknesses may lie in the working conditions and what could be done to improve. This is available to factory for itself and to the buyer for all his suppliers. So the social score is more than just “one number” – it is an entire diagnostic panel that is maintained in real-time and continuously.

Who can see the social score?

The social score is our data but we agree with workplaces not to share the social score without their consent.

But we can deliver the social score to corporate buyers of products and services of the workplace via our online portal – where they can log in and see their global supply chains and understand which workplaces are performing well and which may need attention.

Moreover, our social score is available by API. This means it can be surfaced easily and directly:

  • To consumers in a shop or online, linked to an individual SKU or product. For example, in the garment industry, this allows us finally to link the consumer directly to the workers who made the product – and answer, in real-time, “who made my clothes?”.
  • To financiers providing trade finance or supply chain finance, so that factories performing well can get lower cost funding, adjusting in real-time as social scores move.
  • To investors and shareholders looking for better information about the companies in which they invest – so that they can see real-time and actionable data on workplace conditions at head office and throughout the supply chain.

What does the social score deliver?

We have solved two main issues:

  • Getting a tangible return on compliance investment: Simply because levels of compliance are not well-measured, it becomes very difficult to get a return on the investments that have been made and will be made in the future. This is true whether you are a supplier in a global supply chain or a big corporate dealing with your investors. Measure your performance properly and deliver actionable data – and you will be able to get a return on the efforts that you are making.
  • Moving from risk management to change management: ESG and compliance are often seen as risk management problems rather than a process of making things better. This is because the primary focus historically has been to avoid trouble and problems. But this is not what we all want. ESG functions should be about continual and incremental improvement. This is what real-time measurement and benchmarking via a standard social score can then deliver.

 Improve the lives of millions of workers

At PrimaDollar, we have simple mantra:

  • Measure it
  • Manage it
  • Improve it

How can I find out more?

With a global network and global coverage, talk to us.

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