What is it?

The calculator can be used by exporters to find out our pricing if they choose to work directly with us. We provide a simple product at a simple price. You can price your export trades online without having to call us.

The pricing calculator for exporters working directly with us available: here.

What about importers?

If you want to work with us on a spot basis – for an individual supplier – then the calculator can be used.

If you want Supply Chain Trade Finance, then pricing will be set by the funders involved and not by us. Find out more about Supply Chain Trade Finance: here.

Simple pricing for a simple export product

PrimaDollar offers low cost and collateral-free trade finance – ship, get paid.

We charge a simple percentage of the invoice for providing the service.

If the buyer pays on time, this is the only charge.

What about fees, charges and libor?

There are no other fees in our price for export finance.

Really, that is it.

Our customers can confirm that this is how we work.

The price we quote (a percentage on the invoice face value) is the price we charge.

So there are no:

  • Limit fees
  • Advance fees
  • Bank charges that we pass on to you
  • Facility fees
  • Minimum usage fees
  • Maintenance fees
  • Document handling fees
  • Courier charges
  • Renewal fees
  • Risk charges


How do I work out the PrimaDollar charge?

We provide a pricing calculator: here.

You can use the pricing calculator to calculate the cost of your export trade finance yourself.

  • press the button “Pricing for exporters” on any page on our site
  • use the top slider to set the amount which you ship each month to your buyer, and
  • the second slider to set the number of days between the shipping date and the date when your buyer is due to pay
  • The calculator then displays the PrimaDollar charge as a percentage of the invoice for buyers of different credit quality.
  • An A+ buyer, for example, is a top quality buyer like Tesco, Walmart, Lidl.
  • Most buyers, in our experience would be at the A or B level.
  • If you already know your PrimaDollar buyer rating – then you already know the price of our service.
  • If you want to find out the buyer rating, please call your local office: here.

This simple percentage is the only fee that we charge if the buyer pays on time.

If you then want to add a sight letter of credit, click the box (for either Barclays LC or PrimaDollar LC), then please contact us here.

Do I need an LC?

In some countries, exporters are able to arrange pre-shipment finance based upon a sight letter of credit provided to their local bank. PrimaDollar arranges this service without the buyer being involved. This means that the buyer can enjoy open account and deferred payment without having to use any of their credit lines or arrange any LC – but the exporter still gets what he needs – which is a sight letter of credit to support packing credit and the purchase of materials.

A Barclays letter of credit is more expensive than a PrimaDollar letter of credit. Some banks will accept a PrimaDollar letter of credit. Other banks may want the Barclays version but it is always worth checking. In either case, the result is the same. The exporter benefits from a guarantee of payment at sight of shipping documents matching the terms of the purchase order.

When a Supply Chain Trade Finance program is set up, usually bank lenders providing pre-shipment finance no longer require LCs.

How can I find out more?

With a global network and global coverage, talk to us.

  • More about export finance: here
  • More about supply chain trade finance: here


  • Price export finance online: here
  • Find your local office: here
  • Read more about PrimaDollar: here
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