Why PrimaDollar?

It’s Simple

Our products are standardised, easy to understand, and without tricks or catches.


We offer the API tools that anyone from a small local bank to a global logistics provider can use to integrate our data flows on a white-label basis into their own digital customer journeys - embedding trade finance in logistics systems or linking supply chain finance to social data obtained directly from workers in factories, fields or farms.


Our trade finance and real-time ESG data products are delivered wholly online from the different finance platforms that we support, located in the UK and other international jurisdictions. We work on a transactional basis via leading-edge systems that can be connected by APIs. Logistics companies, marketplaces, banks and insurers are all working with us.


Our operations teams are already everywhere and our specific finance platforms can deploy funds globally. Our worker app which drives real-time ESG data collection can be deployed in any language required by workers and is available to download from the Google play store. Our clients are on all continents and span many industries. Our platform is a network that organises data and documents on supply chains regardless of data, geography, product, finance provider and logistics partner. One platform can rule them all.

PrimaDollar is built for:

Importers and corporates

Real-time ESG compliance

Freight forwarders


Bank SCF Teams

Bank securitisation teams

Who are we?

At PrimaDollar, we are engineers who are building a future where global trade is not complicated and suppliers communicate in real-time with their customers, whereever their customers may be. Ship, get data - our platform digitises trade documents and our mobile apps collect real-time data from workers - all of which can be used to power low-cost trade finance and supply chain finance and to provide true transparency all the way to the consumer online and in the shop. Technology takes down the barriers that even 20 years ago would have made our products impossible to imagine.

Where are we?

Where are we?

Technology makes the world smaller, but we believe that human contact is important. Our head office and main finance platforms are located in the UK. We have operational offices across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our teams are mobile and travel extensively. We are available for you – wherever you are.

Your vision - your future

Your vision - your future

Imagine a world where data on supplies, suppliers and the workers in the supply chain was all available in real-time and at the click of a mouse. Imagine that information could be provided to financiers and used to simplify the way that suppliers are paid, taking advantage of social and green financing terms. - saving 1% of more on landed cost. Imagine that data could also be provided in a form that enables it to be communicated through transparently to consumers in shops or online at SKU-level - delivering real transparency through to the ultimate judge of price, quality and ethical sourcing - the public. This is what we do. How hard can it be? Contact us to find out

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