Fast, low cost trade finance.

No collateral needed.

We pay at shipment, buyers pay later.

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(from 0.5% per month)

Up to 95% advance

Letter of credit available

Limits up to US$5m+

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You are an exporter - your buyer wants you to ship now, and he will pay you later.

You are a trader - you need to pay your suppliers, and offer credit to your buyers.

You are a buyer - you do not want to issue LCs, but you want to work with deferred payment.

You are an adviser - your clients need trade finance. Refer your clients, we share fees.

You export from Bangladesh - you want bank finance without LC. You need Tasdir.

About us

We are a British trade finance company and fintech started in 2015. Our business is scaling fast with 1,000s of shipments financed and we support 100,000+ trading routes via our global office network.

Where to find us

We have 12 international offices spanning three continents – find the one that is most relevant for you.

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