Supply chain trade finance

Reduce landed costs, improve agility, standardise payment terms.

Payment at shipment for your international supply chain.

  • Include all international suppliers.
  • Safely get them paid at shipment.
  • Funding comes from your bank but we deal with compliance.
  • No upfront costs; existing SCF programs are untouched.
  • Early payment discounts flow directly to you.

Savings of up to 2% or more on landed costs. Suppliers are paid upfront and you pay later.

Supply chain trade finance
See your supply chain as never before

See your supply chain as never before

Real time data on your supply chain – including our unique “real-time” social scores.

Our worker apps pull real-time data on worker conditions to generate active social scores on factories.

Our OCR/AI systems pull large amounts of data from shipping documents.

  • See data on shipments and goods in real time
  • All transport methods and all logistics providers supported
  • No IT project
  • A global and real time view of your supply chain, no upfront costs

Essential information for ESG compliance and to maximise sourcing agility. Suppliers upload their documents to our platform, and our OCR and AI system pull and organise the data.

Freight forwarders and liner operators

Freight forwarders and liner operators

White-label trade finance via our API toolkit.

Trade finance delivered to your clients via your transport management system.

Work with your largest importing clients – and expand your relationship to their whole international supply chain via our early payment capabilities.

Imagine an exporter logs on to your transport management system to upload a shipping notice. With a few clicks of a button, he gets paid in cash for the value of his goods. Delivered without him leaving your exporter portal. We can make ths happen today. No risk on you, no use of your funds.

The future of trade finance is via seamless API integration of our simple products directly into the logistics customer journey.

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Save on landed costs. Our digital trade platform will revolutionise your international supply chain.

See your international supply chain in real time with real-time ESG data.

Find out more about supply chain trade finance and how our platform can improve your margins.


Take control over payment terms

Put all international suppliers on to standard payment terms: open account plus 30 to 150 days with early payment under your control.


Generate real-time ESG data

Generate and use real-time ESG data to power change in your suppliers.


Introduce us to your suppliers

We do all the work. Compliance is our responsibility and we control the process. Suppliers can be accessing early payments within 24 hours.

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