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PrimaDollar helps you win bigger and more profitable orders giving you more options to offer to your buyers. Stop negotiating just on price and quality. Use PrimaDollar’s simple and flexible solutions to offer everything from deferred payment to currency protection. This means bigger orders, better margins and happy customers.

Offer buyers the terms that they want

Most buyers would prefer to give you a sale contract or purchase order only, and no letter of credit. Buyers call this working on “open account”. This is how buyers work with suppliers in most markets.

Buyers prefer this approach because letters of credit use their bank credit lines. Without a letter of credit, orders can be bigger and those orders are easier for them to process.

But without a letter of credit, you may be worried about not being paid. Your bank may not want to finance your purchase of materials and other costs.

PrimaDollar solves this problem. We arrange a sight letter of credit for you issued by Barclays Bank PLC, one of the biggest banks in the world. The buyer gets what he wants (open account) and you get what you need (a sight letter of credit).

Work with deferred payment

Offer your customers deferred payment as well as open account. PrimaDollar will pay you at sight (supported by a letter of credit if you need it). Working this way improves the buyer’s cash flow. He can give you bigger orders and he can sell the goods you supply before he has to pay for them.

Offer standard international trading terms

Match the terms that suppliers in other markets already offer (open account and deferred payment). This simplifies sourcing for your buyers and allows prices in different markets to be easily compared.

Trade without risk in any currency

Accept orders in EUR and GBP (as well as USD), without any foreign exchange risk. PrimaDollar will fix your exchange rate from the date of the purchase order. We can remove foreign exchange risks for everyone.

Let us take responsibility for buyer payments

Stop worrying about whether or not your customer will pay. PrimaDollar pays you at sight. If the buyer cannot pay later, that is our problem. We can even agree to take over your order if your buyer becomes insolvent before you ship the goods.

Grow your business with buyers around the world. Enjoy improved business security, more profitable sales and reduced exposure to risk. Now you can focus on sustainable growth, not just the next order.

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