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Funding international trade
Fast, flexible and cost effective
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Buy on open account with deferred payment.
Any supplier, anywhere.

  • Move any supplier to open account
  • We pay at shipment, so you can pay later
  • Free up your banking lines
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Quick, simple, and at no cost to you

Using PrimaDollar, we have streamlined our buying process. Our suppliers are now on open account and giving us flexible payment terms. Our cash flow is improved and our bank credit lines are released. PrimaDollar's support means we know that our suppliers are properly funded, including pre-shipment.

Retailer in Europe


Sell smarter.
We pay you at shipment, your buyers can pay later.

  • Agree deferred payment with your buyers
  • Sell more with bigger profit
  • Get an LC from us if you need it
  • Get paid at shipment
  • No collateral and no guarantees are needed

PrimaDollar has put me in control. Offering flexible payment terms to my buyers has allowed me to win bigger deals at better margins. I am no longer turning buyers away who are looking to work on sale contract only. Our local bank is happy with the PrimaDollar service because I am paid at sight and I still get an LC when I need it.

Supplier in Bangladesh